Study Tour Committee

The Study Tour committee organizes an international study trip, accessible for all students.

Every year Asset | Economics organizes an 8 day Study trip to a foreign country. First the committee will look for an interesting destination that can be visited for a nice price. Then the program of the week will be prepared. The program consists out of formal and informal activities. A few interesting companies or institutions will be visited, but there will also be plenty of time to “be a tourist” and experience the local nightlife. In order to make sure the group of about 25 people gets to know each other, the committee will provide the participants with an informal activity before the trip takes place. Furthermore a booklet will be made and handed out to the travelers with information about the destination, program of the trip and all people joining. This is quite an intensive committee, but organizing such a big activity has an enormous positive effect on your personal development and is a whole lot of fun to do!

Tara Manders
Laura Gullon Cachero
Job van Roosmalen
Peter Kerkers
External Affairs Officer
Roel van Engelen
External Affairs Officer
Jeroen Beekmans
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